Wednesday, May 03, 2006

One Mexican that won't be crossing the border

How much pollo frito can one man eat?

A Mexican man who at 550 kg (1,200 lb) is possibly the heaviest person in the world hopes to travel to Italy for a life-saving operation to shed weight.

Manuel Uribe, bedridden for the past five years, cannot stand on his own and will need a special flight to take him from Monterrey, Mexico to Modena, where a surgical team has offered to perform an intestinal bypass free of charge.

"I can't walk. I'm can't leave my bed," the 40-year-old Uribe, who weighs the same as five baby elephants, said in a recent telephone interview.


  1. Exactly which body part is that protruding out from under the gentleman's...shorts? Do I not want to know??? I think I might have to skip lunch today!!!! : )

  2. Norma, you took the words right out of my mouth...or rather, that's I was gonna say. Gad! But I ain't skipping anything and carne asada sounds good right now.

  3. Mike, MD7:33 PM

    That's part of his leg sticking out from compromised circulation and severe edema.

  4. Finally, a doctor on the premises. Welcome to the Malcontent, Dr. Mike.

  5. Mike, MD8:35 PM

    Thanks. Usually there's a charge for my medical advice, but I like your insight. For you, services are free.

  6. Collins8:41 PM

    Hey Normie,
    Guess we shouldn't be complaining about those last 20 lbs of baby weight!