Monday, May 08, 2006

More foolishness from Georgette

I hate to pick on Cindy Sheehan (aka Georgette from "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"), but how misguided can one woman be?

Apparently her late son was also a dupe. According to Sheehan, soldiers are within their rights to desert because many are "lied to" by U.S. military recruiters who tell them they won't have to fight in Iraq. "My son was an honorable, honest person lied to by his recruiter," she said.

("You mean we have to shoot things and kill people? What does that have to do with being in the military? I didn't sign up for that?")

Georgette also believes Afghanistan was better off under the Taliban (unfortunately, that regime is making a comeback).

"I believe my country shouldn't be in Afghanistan anyway," she said. "It's never about spreading freedom or democracy or making the world safe, it's about lining the war profiteers' pockets.

"My country supported Osama bin Laden in the fight against Russia. And now they go in and tear down that country. It's back in the hands of the drug lords, it's producing more opium than ever, and it's not safe. There's not any rebuilding going on, because it's being occupied by occupying forces."

Sounds like someone has graduated, with honors, from the Michael Moore School of Leftist Indoctrination (with a minor in conspiracy theories).

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