Monday, May 08, 2006

Iran bans girlymen

Metrosexual footballers beware! No more eyebrow plucking for you, at least in Iran.

"I will ban athletes with an effeminate look," the head of the country's Physical Education Organisation, Mohammad Ali-Abadi said, told the Etemad-Melli newspaper.

"It is really disgraceful for Iran that young people step onto fields wearing make-up," the top official fumed. "When a man enters the field with dyed hair and groomed eyebrows he is disrespecting society."

The paper said Ali-Abadi appeared to be particularly worried about footballers, and warned that "even though they get away with it now, they will be disqualified in future".

Good thing David Beckham isn't Persian.

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  1. "Good thing David Beckham is British."

    Mah, David Beckham is English, subtle difference