Saturday, May 13, 2006


Caught the tail end of "The Bad News Bears" (the original) last night. No doubt the best sports movie ever made, featuring my all-time favorite child actor, Chris Barnes, aka Tanner Boyle.

So whatever happened to Chris? No one really knows. According to various fan sites, Barnes is somewhat of a recluse, wanting nothing to do with his signature role. One report had him owning a florist shop in Utah. I can only imagine: "Listen here, lady, you can take you cruddy flowers and shove 'em up your ass!"

(According to one site, his parents were devout Roman Catholics and didn't like thier child assuming Tanner's foul-mouthed character).

Regardless, I'm guessing he's a little more well-adjusted than heroin-addled co-star Tatum O'Neal. And no doubt he's aged better than Jackie Earle Haley (see picture here).

As for the rest of the team -- Engelberg is now a sales manager in Dallas, Lupus works as an illustrator and Ogilve, playing to type, is CEO of a software company.


  1. I love that movie! Loved Kelly/Jackie Earle Haley as a young pre-adolescent, too. What's up with his new look? It's a kind of unholy Danny Bonaduce meets Rob Halford hybrid...ick!

  2. Heidi7:30 PM

    That was one of the funniest movies ever made. Remember when everyone made a big deal about the language?

    Compared to TV/movies today, no one would even blink at the "bad words".