Friday, May 05, 2006

Choke on the fluff

While I urge you to boycott "MI:3," I insist you view Yahoo!'s coverage of the movie's premiere, particularly the red carpet footage. The chirpy celebrity whores they hired to host this hypefest make Pat O'Brien seem downright sage in comparison.

Straight from one's mouth:

"The fans are just dying ... they're waiting with such baited breath."

(As Cruise approaches the red carpet) "There is, ladies and gentleman, a superstar. That is the movie star of the millennium."

"The entrance of he (Cruise) and Laurence Fishburne is just absolutely a milestone. This is one of the most exciting premieres I've actually ever seen. 'Cause it just doesn't get any bigger than Tom Cruise."

And if by chance you thought Laurence Fishburne was cool ... prepare to be disappointed.

Meanwhile, Tom Cruise keeps getting scarier every day.


  1. he's getting impossible to satirize

  2. It's not as much fun to joke about him anymore because it's just getting too easy (just like the PCDs!)

  3. True, but you can't deny me the thrill of skewering star fuckers

  4. Heidi5:03 PM

    Yes, yes. Ridicule for no other purpose than savage amusement can be enjoyable.