Monday, May 01, 2006

Boys club

Expect a torrent of sour dispatches over the next few days as I try to emerge from the end-of-vacation blues. Plenty of good memories, some from a strange source.

Not sure why, but soft rock impresario Michael McDonald emerged as our foil. We decided to come up with new material for the prince of mundanity; I dare you to find a more appropriate roster of songs:

*"Casual Fridays" (title track)

*"Dot-comversation" (Just having myself a ... dot-comversation ... leading to a ... e-mail exchangin' ...)

*"Givin' 'em what they want"

*"Everything in moderation"

*"Bud Light on a Sunday"

*"Chillin' at Chili's"

*"Just reportin' the facts"

*"As is"

That should put you in a smooth jazz state of mind.


  1. Bashing another very talented man who brings smiles and joy to many people, I see. Hey Mr. Movie Critic, notice what film is No. 1 right now? RV!!! It is soooo funny! :)
    You probably won't like it because you apparently don't like to laugh.

  2. I love the way Sheldon doesn't dig digs deep to find what he likes. Don't fault him for loving whatever smacks him in the face. Hey Sheldon, I bet there will be a hurricane thats hits the US this summer, seems like a safe bet buddy,like Robin Williams is, I'd place it, and then proudly stand by it..then you can tell your about it online. I can't wait to read it, please, report more of the bland to me, I'm begging you, staret your own blog and post about the avenrage, please, PLEASE. I love you, I'm serious

  3. Gary, I'm flattered. But Sheldon doesn't have time to run a blog right now. And just because you think something is "bland" or "average" - :( - doesn't mean it is. If you really must know, I just got a DVD of some of the best episodes of The Facts of Life. I know what I'm doing tonight! Be nice, Gary.