Friday, May 12, 2006

Another future Pussycat Doll

A chain-smoking schoolgirl told last night how she fell pregnant during a drunken romp — at the age of just 11.

The petite youngster found she was expecting after losing her virginity to a teenager during the boozy one-night stand.

Lighting her third roll-up cigarette and watched by her proud 34-year-old mum, she confessed: "I didn’t think I’d get pregnant because it was my first time.

"But I’m really excited and looking forward to being a mum."

And I'm sure she'll be a good one.

Money quote: "I can give up smoking at any time, but I don’t find it affects my pregnancy. I also don’t drink any more."


  1. I so happy to hear that she's not drinking anymore, considering she's 10 years away from legal age in this country.

    Does she know the Christian fundamentalists who oppose birth control pills? Maybe we should introduce them. They could have a little chat about saving yourself for marriage and giving your virginity to your husband on your wedding night. Oh wait. Too late for that. How silly of me!

  2. Malcontent, if I open up, as I plan to, a convent school for girls in my basement (my own daughters will be the first students), will you be the principal?

  3. Heidi2:39 PM

    Amelia will be enrolling too.
    Save us a spot.