Monday, May 08, 2006

America's crappiest channel

Now playing on VH1: "Awesomely Wacky Baby Names." And it's an hourlong show.

No big surprise, though, as this is the same network that brought us:

Hogan Knows Best;

The Fabulous Life of Celebrity Kids, 2006;

I Love Toys;

Red Hot Red Carpet;


Celebrity Eye Candy.

This might be somewhat hypocritical, considering I've copped to watching "My Super Sweet 16" (purely for research), but if you're a regular VH-1 viewer there's something seriously wrong with you.


  1. Didn't Pete Townshend cop to watching child porn purely for research?


    VH1 Classic is good if you get that channel. Nothing beats a Sunday morning of bad hair metal videos.

  2. Heidi8:49 AM

    May is "Metal Month" on VH1 Classic. If you're a product of the '80's like I am, it is a wonderful trip down heavy metal memory lane.