Friday, January 27, 2006

You Caught Me Smilin'

I'm a huge Sly and the Family Stone fan. They're a suitable alternative to therapy, and a much hipper substitute for movational literature. They take the simple and declarative and make it work.

The reclusive Sly, on the lam from the public for 18 years, has chosen a strange stage to reunite with the Family Stone. The coolest band ever, on the Grammy Awards?

Of course, the second-lamest awards show (behind the People's Choice) has to screw up Sly's return by organizing an all-star tribute to the original ambassadors of funk, featuring mall rockers Maroon 5 and Aerosmith has-been Steven Tyler, among others. They better put Sly on first, because if he witnesses that spectacle he may disappear for good.

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