Thursday, January 26, 2006

This week in ELLEgirl

Obviously there's an endless number of sources as I turn my attention to the lives and loves of teens and tweens. Why do I do it? I'm beginning to wonder. My new Thursday feature may not last a month. Until then, I present ELLEgirl's guide to playing hard-to-get:

1. DON'T get all clingy on the first date because you want to show the other girls he's off-limits. DO realize that PDAs are only verboten because they're fun!
2. DON'T wear goopy lip gloss if you're looking to make out. A sheer veil of rosy lip color is all you need. DO intensify your gaze with hypnotizing cat eyes.
3. DON'T blurt out "I love you" after the first week, or, come to think of it, first month. DO wear a message t-shirt in another language to confuse him.
4. DON'T kiss him until you're sure you like him. DO plant one on him when he least expects it.
5. DON'T spy on him when he's out with his friends. DO put on your cutest smile if you get caught.
6. DON'T pout when he makes you watch "Scarface" for the zillionth time. DO remind him of your patience during the next "Gilmore Girls" marathon.

For those with humiliating jobs, I point out that the above was most likely written by someone in their 30s. So take heart.

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