Saturday, January 21, 2006

Classy rock

I should have better things to do than sit in front of a computer screen, but it's a little early to go prowling here in Calgary.

Besides, I gathered plenty of material from the bad magazines I read on the plane (more on those when I return). However, I did get lucky with the latest GQ, which has a nice piece on Ray Davies of the Kinks, the least overexposed --- and appreciated --- of the great British Invasion triumvirate.

It's not often I identify with the famous, but I feel a real kinship with Davies, based on these two quotes:

"As soon as I know it's a hype, there's something inside me that turns it off."

"There's part of me that would rather be living in an attic somewhere, having meetings with fellow attic dwellers to overthrow the world."

Sounds good to me.

***My top 3 Kinks songs: "Sitting by the Riverside", "Dead End Street" and "Do You Remember Walter?"

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  1. thre Kinks are my favorite of the bristish invasion crew, the Stones could have been in there....if they had quit the day I was born!