Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Dude, let's sit around and fart, eat wings and watch some football!

Then check out some strippers, perhaps? By all means, if you're a "guy's guy." It's your nature. It's what you're wired to do.

Trends come and go, but this one seems buried in granite. While it's an improvement over the Promise Keepers fad (and the aging hippies beating drums in the forest), casting all men as immature frat boys is yet another step back into stereotype.

Of course, my opinion is minimized because of my sexual proclivity. (I love that word!) But I know men, straight men, who are actually discreet with their bodily functions. I even know some who don't like football. And what's so appealing about watching a bunch of silicon-injected cheese-ettes dance around a pole in the company of, mostly, horny middle aged men?

Think what this "movement" has brought us: Adam Sandler movies, Rob Schneider movies, sluts masquerading as feminists, and what qualifies as one of the worst ditties of all time: "I love football with my friends ... and twins!"

So next time your guy shuffles off to the strip joint, serenading you with a belch and greasy hands, don't let him get away with the excuse: "Hey, I'm a guy." No, you're most likely an obnxious jackass. Just because the bimbos on "The View" endorse such behavior doesn't mean you should.

See you at Hooters!

***Pictured: Chad and Chad. Actually, I don't know their names, but I wouldn't be surprised if I guessed right.

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