Thursday, January 05, 2006

Arrrested developments

Sometimes, I have to shine the spotlight of derision directly in the mirror. I've had some recent conversations with friends that should've embarrassed us all, but likely didn't.

One steered me into a discussion about MTV's "Laguna Beach." After first feigning ignorance, I admitted that yes, I had viewed the reality soap. He even got me to agree that Stephen is a hottie.

Watching "My Super Sweet 16" isn't quite as shameful, and it's a habit shared by friends that include two business execs and a neuroscientist. You see, we're not laughing with them, but at them. Particularly the "divo" featured in one of the earlier episodes.

Another good pal, a married professional pushing 40, was once an avid fan of "The O.C.," resorting to blogging about the show. Don't get him started on Seth and Summer.

You may wonder: are we all perverts, or adolescents who've never grown up? Perhaps a little of both (more than others in some cases), but I just can't sit through "Nova."

I prefer to think of us all as mere observers of the culture ... anthropologists, if you will. Yeah, that sounds good.


  1. My Super Sweet 16 is quality television. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. Hey, at least we have moved on from Jerry Springer. "Jerry, she a ho and she don't wear no drawers (pronounced draws)"

  2. Not to mention "Fifteen," our embarrassing collegiate habit ...
    "Cause I'm 15 ... beyond a shadow of a doubt!"