Thursday, January 19, 2006

This week in Cosmo Girl!

Time for my weekly foray into the lives of teenage girls, seen, in this edition, through the lens of Cosmo Girl! magazine. That there is such a publication is pretty alarming, but I guess I should be thankful for the Malcontent fodder.

Far right wingers often talk about homosexual "indoctrination" of their kids, and they may actually have a point. Apparently trimming body hair isn't just for swimmers and club queens anymore. I always thought it dangerous to have sharp instruments anywhere near my testicles, but the next generation is seemingly okay with the threat of sterility.

At least according to Cosmo Girl!, which asked its readers: Do you think it’s hot when a guy is into grooming, or would you rather be with a hairball???

*"Jess" replies --- "Okay, I know this sounds gross, but I think body hair on guys is…hot! I have guy friends who trim their armpit hair and I know a few guys who SHAVE THEIR LEGS (they CLAIM it’s for sports, but WHATEVER!), and I have to say: I think it’s much more of a turn-off when guys are high-maintenance than when they’re au natural. (On the other hand, I know one guy who uses cover-up when he has a zit, and I have to say--it’s a good idea, and I feel kind of bad that guys aren’t encouraged to use cover-up when it would probably make a lot of them feel a lot less self-conscious, you know?)"

*But "Kaela" disagrees --- "I think hairy guys are nasty ... wax it, shave it, do whatever the hell it is that you gotta do, just get rid of it. It's more sanitary, in my opinion then having body hair, because the sweat and crap like that doesn't get stuck in the hair. Some girls think its 'manly' or 'rugged' and stuff like that, I just think its gross."

*"Raidergirl4890" offers this compromise --- "Hair on guys legs is fine and I only like hair on a guys face if it's kinda scruffy but anywhere else ... no thank you. I dont like hair on guys chest and I dont like arm pit hair. It kinda grosses me out."

This makes me feel sorry for European women. To quote Homer Simpson, yet again: "Has the whole world gone gay?"

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