Thursday, January 05, 2006

Who the fuck is Lindsay Lohan?

Have you ever seen a Lindsay Lohan movie? If so, shame on you. What are you doing watching movies, or TV shows, aimed at 13-year-old girls (see previous post: Arrested developments)?

An US Weekly magazine reporter informed me, via TV, that we all love Vanity Fair's latest cover girl, but why? Based on what? I suppose she's a slightly more talented version of Paris Hilton, but so am I. I've had a drug habit (but no bulimia).

What if I go throw up for you, right now? Will you make me a star?? I'm not much of an actor, nor a personality. I AM Lindsay Lohan.

***That's me, in the background, casually playing backgammon. Note my disinterest in Ms. Lohan.


  1. I'm not sure, she doesn't ahve a black eye like my wife (that's hot!), but she does seem to have a little less of nothing than Paris Radisson.

  2. I myself can't stand the tween goddesses, but "Mean Girls" is actually pretty funny. And her turn on "Saturday Night Live" in the 'Debbie Downer' sketch is hysterical.

    So, like, OMG...lay off the poor, wasted, filthy rich little thing, like...OK?

  3. Let's just let her & Nicole Ritchie battle it out for anorexic of the month