Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Todd Bridges has an alibi

Although he was once a centerfold fixture in magazines like "Tiger Beat," Leif Garrett is perhaps best known to modern audiences for his bravura turn on VH-1's "Behind the Music," the standard-bearer of that series (much like Mackenzie Phillips' "E! True Hollywood Story..." beyond compare). Who can forget that emotional reunion between Leif and the balding, Albino guy that lost the use of his legs when a drunk and stoned Garrett rear-ended his Porsche into another car back in 1979?

Garrett, looking scarily like Danny Bonaduce these days, was busted again this morning in a Los Angeles subway station, charged with heroin possession.

According to the LA Times, Garrett, 44, was being held without bail because he was also detained on a bench warrant for allegedly violating the terms of his probation for a previous offense, Los Angeles County sheriff's and district attorney's officials said.

The musician-actor, who has a history of drug issues dating from the 1970s, pleaded guilty in March to attempted possession of cocaine-based narcotics and was placed on probation, said Sandi Gibbons, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles district attorney's office, on Tuesday.

To think, I really believed he was made for dancing.


  1. Finallly an opportunity to reference the Mackenzie Phillips' E! True Hollywood Story.

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