Tuesday, November 22, 2005

You rock, Brangelina!

Apologies in advance if "played out" has become played out. But I've got some phrases that are well past played out, the rhetorical equivalents of Courtney Love.

"Bennifer." "Vinnifer" (that's Vince Vaughn and the ubiquitous Jennifer Aniston). And now, "Brangelina" (Jon Voight's daughter and the former Mr. Aniston).

Must all celebrity couples be given the Cher and Madonna treatment? Are two names that hard to say? Will the likes of the evil one, Pat O'Brien (the sycophant's sychophant), ever cede control over pop catchphrases?

I know something that could stop this mundane madness. Maybe if Viggo Mortensen and Gwyneth Paltrow shack up ...?

Then again, "Gwiggo" is kind of catchy.

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