Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Let's pack up and get the Hell out of here!

(to quote my inelegant step-grandfather)

Anyway ... how's the weather where you are? For me, outstanding, at least over the next five days. The Malcontent is taking an undeserved (working) vacation to the Dominican Republic, where the long-range forecast calls for nothing but warm, sunny days.

My one and only correspondent, Candice Dyer, will be holding down the fort (assuming she can make out my rudimentary blogging directions) in the interim, and you're sure to be entertained.

I'll be back Tuesday. Until then, enjoy your cold winter.

Now where the hell is my sangria?!?


  1. The weather sucks! Congratulations Christian, glad you are finally getting to use a passport, save a page to come visit me next year.

    Be sure to link the article to this blog....and befriend those up and coming baseball stars, they might buy you a house with their pocket change 3 years from now.

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