Tuesday, November 29, 2005

What Would Jerry Do?

"Dude, Jerry shat in that toilet!"

Yes, Jerry Garcia's dishwasher and toilets are for sale.

An appraiser has valued the items at about $75,000, but the head of the nonprofit that will benefit from the sale said he expects people will end up spending more.

"There's a lot of Deadheads out there with money, and they want a piece of Jerry somehow."

(You can always count on gulliable Deadheads).

I wish I could find millions of dupes willing to pay to to hear me issue the same complaints, over and over again.

Anyone need a slightly used toilet?


  1. DOOD,it would be sweet to live in the very toilet Garcia farted in.

    I would record a whole album in there while parked in the Rocky Mountains.

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