Monday, November 14, 2005

Propaganda fodder

There are good reasons to hate us (Americans), and I haven't found a better one than the VH-1 show, "The Fabulous Life of ...," which seems to relish its role as cheerleader for the narcissistic.

Juiced by the most unctous narration ever recorded (think Robin Leach on meth), this paean to the rich and ridiculous treats its celebrity subjects as if they were nobility: "When she's not fighting for the environment, Cameron Diaz relaxes in a bed of luxury that would make the pharohs blush ... When Cameron uses the loo, she doesn't use just any toilet paper to keep herself sanitary and gorgeous. Oh no, Cameron wipes her ass with only the finest silks, imported from the furthest corners of outer Mangolia and crafted by the most skilled slave artisans the Far East has to offer."

And she met her boyfriend at a burping contest. Take that, you Justin Timberlake critics. This white boy's got skillz.

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