Friday, November 18, 2005

Heavens to murgatroid!

Just so you'll know, this was originally my pointless observation.

By now most have heard the speculation that Snagglepuss, the pink, lisping (panther?), is gay.

I was on to this years ago ... 1997, to be exact. I was celebrating my birthday in L.A. with some friends visiting from up the coast. Their present: a bag of "mushrooms." When their last night in town rolled around, the mushrooms remained unconsumed and, with a long drive ahead of them, my pals decided to nix any potential "experience." I descended on the leftovers.

A few hours later, I was visited, while in the lavatory, by Huckleberry Hound, who proceeded to dish about the sexual orientation of his cartoon peers.

You can guess what he said about Snagglepuss. But, as if there were some divine gossip interceding to prove Huck's point, I was presented further evidence within a late-night repeat of "The Laff-a-Lympics" (which, as I'm sure everyone recalls, featured Snagglepuss as host). In this particualr episode, the "Scooby Doobies" were challenging the "Yogi Yahoo-ies" in a race up the side of Big Ben, about which Snagglepuss wondered: "Who will be the first to mount Big Ben?"

And then I knew. I couldn't reflect on my awakening, however. I had the history of women's tennis to share.

Exit, stage right.

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  1. This is in the general vein of Burt&Ernie speculations... a friend of mine swears they're children and can't possibly be gay, but I wonder. Was it alarming, though, being visited by cartoons in the loo? Because that would startle me into ...difficulty.

    As always, an excellent read.