Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Only liberals shop at Target!

This is where rank partisanship leads. Now, where you shop seems to define for whom you vote. There's nothing to prove it, but anecdotal evidence tells me Target has become the favored store of liberals, while Wal-Mart is home to the conservative shopper.

Wenesday's AJC had an article about two competing propoganda films, one pro-Wal-Mart, the other against. My guess is both documentaries make predictable observations about the free enterprise system and the decline of the Mom-and-Pop store (forgetting that even free enterprise has its limits, and Mom-and-Pop stores have been vacant from the consumer landscape since the fifties).

I usually stake the middle ground, but I've been opposed to Wal-Mart ever since they introduced the "greeter," usually exploiting some good-natured old veteran for barely more than minimum wage. Thanks for serving our country: now get out there and dance around for all the rednecks! Don't forget to sing the jingle:

"We're shoppin' the Wal-Mart way!" 'Nah, too crowded.

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