Sunday, November 13, 2005

If a tree falls in the forest ...

This is dedicated to the nature vs. nurture crowd. A good friend of mine recently commented on a group of deaf homosexuals that had congregated at the gay Starbucks (yes, we're ghettoized, and damn proud of it!) in midtown Atlanta. There was no malice on his part, just an observation.

Which led me to wonder ... since most of us gays seem to enthusiastically embrace the stereotype of shallow, melodramatic drama queens, are gay deaf people naturally fey? Do they gesticulate flamboyantly, roll their eyes liberally and purse their lips with abandon?

Unfortunately, my friend didn't hang around long enough to make such sociological deductions. I'm actually curious as to what the answer would've been. Since I refuse, perhaps conciously, to avoid cliche (being a native Southerner and a fag), I'm not big on the nature argument. To quote myself, rather shamelessly: I was born gay ... I wasn't born addicted to the E! Channel.

That's learned behavior, just like rampant use of the word, "bitch," a stereotypical sin for which I must admit some guilt. Otherwise, I always relished the idea of being different, but individuality doesn't get you far these days, and it certainly won't win you any GLAAD awards. Maybe it's the same for those few gay, deaf malcontents.

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  1. If they are as grand as the West Hollywood/hearing variety, I'd recommend wearing protective goggles within 5 feet.