Monday, November 14, 2005

Keep greed alive!

Whether they come from the left or the right, our country's religious "leaders" have emerged as such buffoons that they're almost too easy to criticize. But I'll persevere.

Last week, we had the Rev. Pat Robertson warn the voters of Dover, PA that God has some wrath saved for them (because they voted out school board members who advocated teaching faith as science). Now, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, needing to meet his on-camera quota, has decided to stand up for disgraced pro baller Terrell Owens.

Who needs civil rights protection more than millionaire athletes? Jackson says Owens' suspension for the rest of the year was "too severe," overlooking the fact T.O. will still get paid. I'm not sure how Jackson will inject race into this, but I don't doubt that he will, despite the fact Owens' forced hiatus was due in large part to a riff with his quarterback (who's also black). He also got in a fight with an injured teammate (also African-American).

Glad to see the disenfranchised still have a voice.

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