Sunday, November 13, 2005

Ross Perot: Tanned, rested and still crazy

We can do better than H. Ross, though admittedly we would've all benefitted from his mandated 6 a.m. calisthenics. But after perusing the Sunday morning public affairs programming, I remain convinced that America's political savior will have to come from beyond the two parties.

We heard, and will continue to hear, the following from Republican National Committee Chariman Ken Mehlman: "Everything's going great. George W. Bush is a bold, decisive leader. We stand for American values." From the Democratic National Committee Chairman, Howard Dean: "Everything's going lousy. George W. Bush is a lying facist. We stand for American values."

When asked, based on an approval rating that would make Jimmy Carter blush, what Bush needs to do differently to win back defecting voters, the RNC chair said: "America trusts George W. Bush and they respect his bold, decisive leadership."

When asked, based on an ideology that seems to be based solely on opposition to Bush, what the Democrats would do differently, the DNC chair assures they'll have a plan ready in 2006. After all, it's not like there's any urgent issues in the world that need addressing. Take your time. Assemble your focus groups ...

Are we really this ineffectual, swayed by repeated bullshit skillfully phrased? Are we all just a bunch of partisan hacks, less independent with our allegiances than your average collge football fanatic?

Spreading democracy around the globe is a noble venture, one that's impeded by a democracy that ain't working right. Hard to imagine De tocqueville penning a ringing endorsement of this political system. Of course, it must be noted (particularly for those trendoids in the Che Guevara T-shirts), that free expression and representative government aren't the problems. It's American malaise, within our political system and among the electorate, that is.

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  1. Perot was right about 1 thing, the "giant sucking sound" of jobs heading overseas.

    If I look closely as i pass random suvs on the highway, I can still se the residue of the Bush/Cheney sticker that was attached a year ago, they had the courage to keep them on until we reached a breaking point, am I being optimistic or has a breaking point been reached?