Monday, May 15, 2006

Taking the fun out of fundamentalism

Think of all the kicks and giggles you could've had attending Patrick Henry College:

Some students lament the banishment of "PDAs"—at Patrick Henry this is short for physical displays of affection. When inside, any touching, whether that is a consoling hug or something less appropriate, is forbidden. Once outdoors, that same hug would be permissible. Students have at times been required to report where they attend church on Sunday, to some a private matter, or else be subject to punishment. Last year, a student assistant librarian was forced to quit because he passed out fliers inviting students to attend a church that believes one reaches salvation through baptism; the college enforces a rule that one is saved through faith alone. Strict curfews are set. Alcohol is forbidden, no matter a student's age.

As you'd imagine, the school's stranglehold on academic freedom is just as firm:

A work of literature, which chronicles the birth of Hinduism, was banned. A text, used to teach the Theology Sequence, which had been chosen by various instructors, was pulled from the shelves unless another, balancing view was added to the curriculum.

"We don’t know from day to day, what is going to be accepted or what is not going to be accepted," according to a professor at the school. "It’s a moving target."

"Dude, there's gonna be a wicked kegger Friday at Pat Hank."

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  1. Anonymous8:09 PM

    I'm also assuming that student health services doesn't dispense birth control; there's no need for it because no one is having premarital sex.

    I doubt they offer HIV or STD testing either.