Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The excitment is numbing

So I hear Tito Jackson say Tuesday night's "American Idol" will feature the "faceoff of the century." Shouldn't I be more excited?

I've overheard enough -- a commercial or two, inane office chatter, etc. -- to know I want the chick to win. Is she talented? No idea. But I'd rather not have another eager-to-please, too earnest by half Southern boy thrust in my face.


  1. Alright, my blog hiatus is over.

  2. Hey Mal,
    (How do you like the nickname?:) Have you ever watched AI? You just might like it!!! What've you got against seeing regular people get a shot at stardom and fortune?? Isn't that what we all want? You know you want it, Mal!!

    Be nice :0)

  3. So Sheldon, can I come over tonight to your AI party?

  4. Absolutely, Mal. I can email you with directions. It's going to be funnnnnn!!!