Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Don't trust Art critics

I had been anxiously anticipating "Art School Confidential" for months, then I read all the bad reviews and feared the worst. But today I decided to show faith in the makers of "Ghost World" and was rewarded. Pacified, at the very least.

Does it rank with Daniel Clowes and Terry Zwigoff's first collaboration? Not even close, but is it fair to compare any movie to "Ghost World?"

Tonally, there's little different. I laughed out loud plenty. But the main character wasn't that compelling, nor was his love interest. And the murder subplot was pretty unnecessary.

It's cheap asking creative minds to repeat themselves, but "Art School" could've used Enid Coleslaw's POV. Still, you'll find more cleverly barbed observations here than in every movie featuring an SNL alum (excluding Bill Murray) put together.

The tepid response to "Art School" proves you don't get points for originality in this culture, even from people who allegedly know better (the local paper actually gave "RV" a better rating).

The Malcontent grade: B

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