Thursday, May 25, 2006

Goofus and Gallant redux

I always feel sorry for Tony Blair at these joint news conferences. He's so damn eloquent and George W. is ... ah, that horse has been bludgeoned well past recognition. Beyond dealing with the various verbal malaprops, the PM has to withstand that overdone Bush jocularity, quite a task for one's stiff upper lip.

Newest addition to the presidential lexicon: suicider.

As in, Mohammed Atta was a suicider.

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  1. There is a classic SNL skit from a couple of years ago, where Jude Law plays Tony Blair opposite the current cast member who plays GW...and it is hilarious! "Bush" forces "Blair" to pronounce it "nuke-ular" and make all kinds of other embarrassing proclamations; Law does it to perfection. I was just watching the press conf. on MSNBC and almost thought it was a rerun of that sketch!