Thursday, May 25, 2006

Media sensation of the week

Ever notice how Washington elites always seem to lose their shit over celebs? Just look how they swooned over Bono -- even Sonny Bono.

Interesting that onetime punchline Al Gore is all the sudden back in vogue again now that he's headlining a documentary about global warming. Everywhere you read there's someone else positing that Gore should run in '08. Who says you can't buy good press?

Gore has a certain aura of nobility about him these days—a mixture of rue, acceptance and lofty goals that makes him almost, well, endearing. As I talked to him at the East Coast premiere of the documentary film about him (“An Inconvenient Truth”), I wondered whether his newfound sense of peace and purpose meant that he had given up the idea of ever running for president again—or whether that is precisely what, in an indirect, Zen-like way, he’s doing. My answer to my question: he’s available if fate decides to befriend him.

Perhaps the pundits are forgetting that -- with a robust economy on his side, and a weak opponnent -- Gore still lost to Bush in 2000. Regardless of how it ended, the real point is that it should have never been that close.

But I hope Gore does run again, if only for the soap operatic elements to be found in a match-up against Hillary. Much has been written about the frosty relationship between the Clintons and Gores, and the latter may be the only one with the (alleged) gravitas to stand up to the senator from New York.

Of course, neither would make the best candidate, but when has that ever mattered before? It might even make for a decent movie.

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