Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Right on, Maude!

I've turned my back on every one of the so-called icons I'm supposed to worship. Cher, Madonna, Barbra, Bette ... couldn't be less interested. However, I will cop to idolizing one of the lesser stars in the gay universe.

As a grade schooler, I watched "Maude" reruns nightly. There was something captivating about Bea Arthur and her flowing mumus, and no one in sitcom history has done the slow burn better. It didn't take long for me to adopt Maudey's catchphrase, finding ways to include "God will get you for that" in just about every conversation possible.

Unfortunately, I didn't consider the consequences, as my impression of a liberal, middle-aged, upstate New Yorker didn't go over too well in my home, or at the bus stop.

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