Monday, December 19, 2005

Boycott Georgia!

If you're following the lead of Alabama and Arkansas, well, you know where that's going to end. "50th in education" ... oh, that's us. The proud state of Georgia, the latest to join the "Boycott Aruba" campaign.

Our governor, Sonny Perdue (go ahead, laugh), doesn't do much, but when he does choose proactivity, it's usually a bust. Like when he canceled school during the post-Katrina gasonline "crisis." No buses, no gas, he figured, forgetting the fact all the parents will be driving those state-sponsored delinquents to the movies, the mall, etc. And when you trail Mississippi in anything, it's best not to be canceling school.

But that's our Sonny: "This boycott is necessary because Aruban authorities have failed to conduct a serious investigation" of the teen's disappearance. We have no quarrel with good citizens of Aruba, but the actions of their leaders cannot be taken lightly."

Sonny has apparently forgotten the 68 children reported missing in Georgia. Hell, by this Aruba logic, we should still be feeling the economic pain inspired by the unsolved "Atlanta Child Murders"(30 missing and/or murdered children and young adults from 1979-81).

Now if those 30 kids had been white and blond, everyone would know what I was talking about. Nothing but Godspeed to the family of the young woman murdered in Aruba, and no surprise that politicians would exploit their tragedy.

So stay out of Georgia, whatever you do. And Alabama. And Arkansas.

I know, tall order!

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