Friday, December 23, 2005

Home for the holidays

I'm posting, with permission, an e-mail received from a good pal of mine out in L.A., who, by the way, has some particularly twisted Richard Simmons anecdotes from her days as a ghostwriter (Richard really, really likes Mammy from "Gone with the Wind" ... if only I could share more on that topic). As is the case with most of the Malcontent's "inner circle," Linda finds humor in even the most tragic of circumstances. All the best, L.P.:

Just got back from my sister's death and funeral. Not fun. But we did have a family-circle-prayer moment with the hospice nurse in her bright, red Budweiser jacket and my niece's beagle, in the circle, jumping up and barking at the preacher as he implored the Devil to leave my sister's body. Ah, Boonville, Indiana. What a trip.

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