Wednesday, December 14, 2005

American cheeseball

I may not be qualified to reach this conclusion, but why in the hell is Hugh Hefner celebrated as a man of taste and sophistication?

Would the same be said of Charles Nelson Reilly if he hung out in some mansion with a bunch of Playgirl models?

I have no problem with Hef's lifestyle, but as for his taste ...

Clearly big plastic tits aren't my thing, but these gals are so synthetic I don't see how they're attractive to the man with an allegedly discriminating eye. Must be some fascinating conversations they have, particularly when James Caan and Jan Michael-Vincent join in (the Playboy Mansion also serves as a haven for washed-up actors).

Hey, is that Lyle Waggoner hanging out in the grotto?


  1. These girls with him rarely seem to have names, let alone careers. It could be that the 15 minutes in the grotto he offers isn't quite enough to entice the more natural beauties with intelligence that seemed to surround him during the golden age of back then they only had to fuck a 40 year old rather than a viagra fiend grandpa.

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  3. I think he's viewed more as a relic than anything these days, though he does seem to have some sort of inexplicable retro appeal. Funny post.