Friday, October 14, 2005

The happy troll

Everyone loves Cameron Crowe. His films are so sweet and affirming and ... not my cup of tea. He peaked with his first, "Fast Times at Ridgemont High." "Say Anything" was an impressive follow-up, but everything since has given me tooth decay. Somehow, "Almost Famous" made Kate Hudson a star, all by doing a poor imitation of her mother. I kept rooting for her character to get on with the drug overdose.

Crowe's latest, "Elizabethtown," is getting horrendous reviews. With no plans to see it, I'm sure they're on the nose, particularly since it appears his film is just the latest to characterize the South and Southerners ... on the nose.

You see, while we may seem dim and out-of-touch on the surface, we're actually wise beyond anyone's years. While we have a funny way of dishing out our little homilies, you'd do well to listen to us simple folk. Life is like a box of chocolates and so on ...

At least we're not portrayed as white supremacists anymore. Yet we're still patronized plenty. The real story is not so rich: basically the South has become a giant suburb, spawning the likes of Jessica Simpson and Justin Timberlake. If you can find Flannery O'Connor, let me know.

We still have our share of characters and eccentrics, but you have to dig a bit deeper than Hollywood is willing to do.


  1. My favourite part was about the homilies and wise beyond anyone's years. That was very well done. I
    came upon your blog by accident and this post struck me in a happy place. A good friend of mine grew up in S. Carolina and says much the same as you do. I was tempted to see the movie because I like airplanes (don't ask) but now I definitely won't.

    I didn't get the title references though, and I'm awfully curious.

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