Monday, October 10, 2005

America, F**k Ya!

In need of some kicks and giggles Monday night, I tuned into "The O'Reilly Factor," featuring the world's most sanctimonius defendant ($10 million to settle a sexual harrassment lawsuit and, less than a year later, he has a best-selling book aimed at kids. Only in America ... and only on Fox!)

Anyway, Capt. Sponge Bath is trying to build support for a boycott of Aruba, where the Natalee Holloway disappearance/muder remains unsolved. It's been six months since she was last seen, and obviously the Aruban justice system favors those with wealth and power. Hmmm, remind you of someplace?

How amusing it must be for the inhabitants of that resort island to see an American media figure call for a boycott of their homeland, due to an unsolved murder.

I suppose we should boycott Washington, D.C., since there's been no arrest in the Chandra Levy slaying (the girlfriend of that California congressman with the 80s haircut). Certaintly, we should've stayed out of Witchita, Kansas, since it took them 20 years to apprehend the BTK killer. And so on ...

But Bill O'Reilly is as shameless as he is shrill, personally and politically. Doesn't he remember the old schoolyard maxim (I'm paraphrasing): People who live in glass countries should not throw stones?

Granted, that philosophy might limit one's bank account, particularly when you're an opinion maker in 21st Century America.

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