Monday, October 10, 2005

Better than Michael Bay?

Odds are you haven't heard of Fernando Meirelles, but he's helmed some artistically relentless films of late, as vibrant as anything I've seen over the last five years. There isn't a more influential director working today.

"City of God," which debuted in 2002, is the second best movie I've seen since the century turned (I'll always be partial to "Ghost World.") I saw "The Constant Gardner" Monday, and though it didn't match the vitatlity of "City of God," it's nonetheless a film that begs to be viewed.

I can't reduce Meirelles' style to a few blog-friendly "wordbites"; instead, I challenge you to to sample his work and come to your own conclusions. You won't be disappointed, or bored. And, rare though it is nowadays, you will be challenged.

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