Sunday, June 04, 2006

Vote for Robinson: He's has kids, and his wrist is firm

The other day I spotlighted the audacious campaign techniques of Vernon Robinson, a Republican challenger for a House seat currently occuped by Brad Miller (D-NC).

Robinson, a five-time loser in North Carolina politics, charged that the incumbent "voted to allow ... illegals to burn the American flag while waving the Mexican flag."

According to a Robinson ad, Miller "sponsored a bill to let American homosexuals bring their foreign homosexual lovers to this country on a visa."

And there's more room in the Republican candidate's gutter --

Soon after winning the GOP primary in the 13th District in May, Robinson mailed literature to more than 400,000 households portraying Miller's voting record and personal life as being out of the mainstream.

Among many other things, the literature calls Miller a "childless, middle-aged personal injury lawyer." ...

Miller said his wife of nearly 25 years, Esther Hall, could not bear children because she had endometriosis and then a hysterectomy at age 27 before the couple were married.

Robinson said he brought up the Millers' childlessness in the broader context of showing that Miller was outside the mainstream. He said being childless might influence Miller's votes, citing Miller's opposition to providing vouchers to allow children in Washington, D.C., to attend private schools.

"Those were stated in the context to explain why he takes these lunatic positions," Robinson said. "If he had a child, he would not have voted against all the poor children of the District of Columbia who need to get out of the failing dangerous schools they were in."

The Robinson mailing also seeks to tie Miller to Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, a Californian who runs The Daily Kos, the nation's largest liberal Internet blog. The Robinson literature describes Moulitsas, who is a married Army veteran, as a "militant homosexual rights advocate" under the headline: "Brad Miller's San Francisco Soul Mate." ...

Miller said Robinson has a history of implying that his opponents are gay, noting that in 2004, he described GOP opponent Ed Broyhill as "limp wristed." (Robinson distributed a campaign letter quoting a woman calling Broyhill a "limp wristed millionaire.") Robinson said he was not questioning Miller's sexuality.

"I did not say the guy is a homosexual ...," Robinson said. "We were talking about the left-wing wacko friends he runs around with."

Despite the hatemongering, Robinson is getting plenty of support from Republican donors; two years ago he raised $3 million in an unsuccessful bid for Congress.

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