Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The incredible shrinking base

To be fair, radio yakker Neal Boortz is more libertarian than conservative, but he definitely skews right -- far right much of the time. Glad to see he's not buying George W.'s craven attempt at appealing to the haters:

I think that it is perfectly fitting for us to use the United States Constitution, a document that is dedicated to the preservation of our inalienable rights, to tell a certain specific group of people what they cannot do, rather than tell the government what it cannot do.

We don't need tax reform. We don't need an end to earmark pork spending in Congress. We don't need smaller government and school choice. We don't need real reform that would put medical care back into the competitive marketplace. We need none of those things. All is fine! What we need is a Constitutional Amendment that will keep two people who love each other, but who we don't consider to be normal -- not by our standards anyway -- to marry.

I know I'll sleep better tonight.

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