Friday, June 02, 2006

Greetings from hell

Send your checks to Focus on the Family, care of James Dobson. The fate of mankind depends on your generous contribution --

On Tuesday, during his daily radio show, "Family News in Focus," Focus on the Family Chairman James Dobson said: " you all very well know, marriage is under vicious attack now, I think from the forces of hell itself. And it's either going to continue to decline, and as I told you in my office a few minutes ago, I believe with that destruction of marriage will come the decline of Western civilization itself....We're really in a crisis point, right now, right now...where the family is either going to survive or it's going to fall apart and it will happen in the next few years...." In the past, Dobson has said same-sex marriage will destroy the U.S., destroy the earth, and is more important than the war on terror. He also has compared marriage equality advocates to Hitler and the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Will that kind of over-the-top rhetoric work? Sadly, it has a winning track record.

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  1. Lowest Common Denominator strikes again!