Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Who am I? Why am I here??

As the finger pointing persists in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, I can't help but wonder: Where would the blame be assigned if the mayor of New Orleans, governor of Louisiana and president of the United States were all members of the same party?

My guess is that, instead of blaming the branch of government they don't control, they'd be covering for each other. That's what partisans do: Attack the enemy and take no repsonsibility. More than ever, I'm certain our country needs a third party, one unconnected to the special interests of the left and right who dominate today's political dialogue (witness the John Roberts confirmation hearings). Maybe the stage is being set, as I hear more and more discontent among those not wedded to political affiliation.

All I know is this: my 1992 vote for Ross Perot is looking more sane by the day.


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