Thursday, September 29, 2005

Too big for the big screen

Chris Rock ain't made for the big screen. For some reason, Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey are, even though they're about as entertaining as a colonoscopy administered by an epileptic (though that may be fun for some).

That is to say, I'd prefer not to pay $8 to see Rock slumming in a multiplex when I can crack up for free watching him on TV. For the first time, I directed my remote to the UPN, where I was treated to the season's best new sitcom. To quote a line from "Everybody Hates Chris": "I was happier than Billy Dee Williams after a case of malt liqour."

There are exceptions, of course: Robin Williams was equally annoying in both mediums (Mork or Patch Adams? You make the call). But, by and large, our best comedic talents always seem to find their niche on the little screen. Have you seen anything on film in the last five years as funny as 30 minutes of Larry David, or "The Simpsons" in its prime? (Outside of "Ghost World.")

Welcome home, Chris.


  1. He needs to have a guest appearance by T.

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