Thursday, August 25, 2005

My Jello Biafra moment

As the product of baby boomers, I was brought up in a culture where selling out was vice. Now it's expected, even celebrated. I used the phrase in front of my teen-age nephew one day and he looked at me like I was smoking angel dust.

Used to be that celebrities needing a commercial buck (to pay off those nagging paternity suits or escalating plastic surgery costs) went to Japan, so one here could accuse them of "selling out." (Woody Allen, I'm looking in your direction).

Now "musicians" like the human turnip Moby (sorry, I'm on Eminem's side in this feud, just like I favored Suge Knight over Puff Daddy ... no one's paying me to call him Diddy, so I'll go with the less contemporary moniker) brag about how much money they make selling their art (commerce?) to big business. Exposure over integrity! Funny, I thought that was the motto of the (Jessica and Ashlee) Simpson clan.

But what can you expect in a world where a minimally talented teenager has released a greatest hits CD? And it's number one on the charts. God save Hillary Duff!

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