Thursday, August 25, 2005

The latest in sports cliche

Fellow malcontent Terrell Owens says it all the time. I heard Ray Lewis sing the same plaintive tune the other day. Turns out they're not playing for love of the game or anything quaint like that. Not that they're selfish ... they're just trying to "feed (their) kids."

Because, apparently, you can't feed your family on the $46 mil T.O. is scheduled to make over the next seven years. Unless his family is the state of Utah, I think he has enough for Spaghetti-O's, at least. I don't even know if the Atlanta resident has any kids; pardon the snarkiness, but he seems a bit fey to me: ("Hell no! I ain't ever gonna speak to that bitch Donovan McNabb again!) I'm not making any accustations, but I gotta wonder about a man who can't stop showing off his abs.

Please, will some sportswriter(caster) challenge these egomaniacs the next time they claim it's all about keeping the kids fed, a statement so silly as to be on par with "I didn't know there were steroids in that needle Mark McGwire stuck in my ass!"


  1. He does seem like an egomaniac and spoiled brat. I do wonder why more journalists don't call him, and others like him on it.

    (I hope he doesn't read this)

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